Victoria Doing, 2016

Victoria Doing, 2016

Name: Victoria Doing
Birthplace: Frederick
Major: Psychology
High School: Middletown
Position: Forward

The best part about being a student-athlete at FCC is: the friendships made between all the teams

What I like most about Coach Bo and the staff: positive attitude

I'm most looking forward to _______this season: becoming close with the team and hopefully going to nationals

I choose my jersey number because: I have been #7 for my whole high school career 

My pre-match superstitions: have to wear the same spandex and sports bra

My most memorable moment as a soccer player: game winning goal in my final 8th grade tournament because it was the last time I played with all the girls I grew up with

My favorite activity outside of soccer is: spending times with friends

My most prized possession is: captains band

The one talent I wish I had: talk to animals

Favorite food: steak

If I didn't play soccer I would play: lacrosse

My dream job is: psychologist

One unique thing about me: I act like a mom to the soccer teams

My favorite all-time movie is: Gladiator

Favorite musical group or artist: G-Eazy