Quincy Tyler, 2016

Quincy Tyler, 2016

Name: Quincy Tyler
Sport: Men's Soccer
Position: OB
Birthplace: Damascus MD
Major: Communications

The best part about being a student athlete at FCC is: Always having something to do. There's never a dull moment being a student-athlete

What I like about Coach LaRocca & the staff: They push me to the best I can be. I know Coach LaRocca wants the best for me and wants to send me off somewhere special.

I'm most looking forward to most this season: Working together as a team and achieving our maximum goal of winning the national championship.

I chose my number because: One of my favorite players (Marcelo) is number 12

My pre-match superstition: I put one bracelet on my left wrist & have to tape it up before every game

My most memorable moment as a soccer player: Celebrating wins with my teammates

My favorite activity outside of soccer is: Dancing

My most prized possession is: My hair

My favorite game to play when I was in elementary school was: Flag football

The one talent I wish I had: To sing

Favorite food: French Toast

If I didn't play soccer I would play: Football

My dream job is: To become a professional sports broadcaster

One unique thing about me is: Not being a shy person

Favorite musical group or artist: The Weeknd