Cougar Athletics Advisory Council



The mission of the Cougar Athletics Advisory Council is to “Enhance & Advance” Frederick Community College Athletics by bringing together people from the “FCC family” to share ideas and work together to make these ideas come alive.


  • To utilize the personal and professional skills of Advisory Council members in advocating FCC and introducing Cougar Athletics sports to new populations of groups
  • Advise the Director of Athletics and coaching staffs on issues which:
    • affect the academic and personal welfare of student-athletes
    • affect the long-range development and enhancement of varsity intercollegiate athletics
    • involve campus and community perceptions of the student-athlete and the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics
    • Study issues, review materials, and make recommendations to the Director of Athletics and coaching staffs regarding:
      • policies pertaining to the conduct of intercollegiate athletics, including recommendations concerning the formulation, modification, and implementation of such policies
      • institutional policies and standards (current or proposed) which may have impact upon student-athletes as a group, or upon the varsity intercollegiate athletics program
      • athletic facilities and athletic facility use; or such other matters as the Director of Athletics and coaching staffs may refer to the committee for recommendation, or may be identified by the committee

Shawn Noël- Director of Athletics
Britney Carter- Financial Aid Scholarship Coordinator 
Gary Demski- Assistant Director of Athletics & Sports Information
Jackie Gibbons- Plant Operations 
Pamela Grzybowski- Financial Aid Specialist 
Cathy Hull- Disabilities Specialist
Jack Jenkins- Plant Operations 
Persis Johnson- Assistant Director of Multicultural Student Services
Dana McDonald- Vice President of Administration 
Christina McGill- Academic Advisor for Student-Athletes
Susan McMaster- Assistant Professor, Business & Economics Career Programs 
Jennifer Moxley- Admissions Advisor/Recruiter Enrollment Management 
Donishea Patterson- Administrative Associate to the Provost/VP for Academic Affairs
Patricia Sheppard- Assistant Professor, Biology Arts & Sciences