• Superior accomplishments as a student-athlete at FCC (All-American, All-Region, All-Conference, etc.).
  • Graduation/transfer from FCC five years prior to their nomination.
  • Continuing excellence at the collegiate, national, amateur, or professional levels as appropriate.
  • Exemplified characteristics of integrity and sportsmanship, as well as citizenship, before and after graduation/transfer.


  • Eligible upon retirement or end of their tenure within the athletic department.
  • Significant contributions were made to the overall athletic program including longevity, overall record, championships, and demonstrated support of student-athletes.

Fans/Community Members:

  • Significant contributions to the FCC Athletic Department.  This may involve general support or specific support for one or more sports. 
  • May be actively engaged with the Department at the time of nomination.


  • Significant contributions to their individual sport as a team, including records, championships won, and impact on the Frederick community.
  • The team will have competed at the College at least ten years ago.

Selection Committee:

  • Larry Johnston, Director of Athletics, FCC
  • Rodney Bennett, Academic Advising & Head Baseball Coach, FCC
  • Gary Demski, Assistant Director of Athletics & Sports Information, FCC
  • Dr. Tom Jandovitz, Health & Physical Education Professor, HOF Inductee, FCC
  • Sandy Smith, Selection Committee Chair, HOF Inductee, FCC

Nomination Process:

  • The deadline each year for nomination is November 1.  The nomination form can be downloaded at or obtained from the athletic department office. 
  • Completed nomination forms should be sent to the Athletic Director, Frederick Community College, 7932 Opossumtown Pike, Frederick, MD  21702.
  • Inductees will be determined by a majority vote of the committee, based upon the nomination information. 
  • A candidate who does not receive a majority vote will have his/her nomination kept active for the following year for reconsideration.  After one year, the nomination will be discarded.
  • All nominators of candidates will receive letters in December informing them of the status of the individuals they nominated.
  • All successful nominees will receive letters in December notifying them of their selection to the FCC Athletic Hall of Fame and details of the induction ceremony.