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Take Placement Tests- Academic Assessment of Skill Level

FCC strives to start you at an educational level that will promote your learning and success. Unless otherwise exempted by previous college credits or grades and test scores that meet specific criteria, all new students must complete placement tests in mathematics, reading, writing and skills placement before enrolling in developmental or credit courses. To ensure the best placement in a course that provides the right challenge, FCC utilizes the ACCUPLACER test.

In order to determine if you need to take placement tests or if you are exempt, you will need to submit the following documents:

  1. Sealed official high school transcript and previous sealed official College transcripts submitted to Welcome Center (J Building)
  2. College Entrance Exam Scores from SAT and/or ACT
  3. Advanced Placement (AP) test scores and International Baccalaureate (IB) test scores

The above mentioned documents will determine which placement tests you are required to take, the courses you should register for, and/or the courses you are eligible to receive credit for based on previous grades or scores.

Online Orientation

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  • At the completion of the orientation, you will follow the directions to email your orientation quiz results and then click the link to schedule your meeting with an advisor.  Make sure to answer what sport you will be playing so we can assign you to the correct advisor.

Meet with Assigned Academic Athletics Advisor

Persis Johnson
Sports: Volleyball, M & W Basketball, Softball 

Counseling and Advising
Sports: M & W Soccer, M & W Lacrosse, Baseball