Women's Soccer 2016 Season Summary

Women's Soccer 2016 Season Summary

By: Head Coach Bob Bofinger

The season started on July 25 to 28 with the Men & Women's team putting on a successful boy's & girl's soccer camp with 25 players of Ages 7 through 15. When pre-season started, we lost players from 35 down to 19 but we had the most players ever to start Pre-season on August 1.  Coaches Brittni Souder, Jimmy Bailey, Britney Carter and Coach Bo pushed all the players hard to get everyone physically fit, improved technical skills and build on team tactics.  The personalities, total commitment, physically fit, very good talent, skills and team chemistry was the nucleus of this team but injuries and bad luck haunted the team on not making the regional tournament in late October.

The Women soccer team had wins against very strong competitors with a 1-0 win over Hood College (1-0), a 3-1 win against CCBC Catonsville (3-1), 7-1 win over Cecil CC (7-1) and 15-0 win against Patrick Henry College (15-0).  During the season, the team faced many challenges from tough rivals of Howard, Harford, CCBC Essex, Anne Arundel, College of Southern MD and Montgomery, especially competing against these teams with limited players available from injuries (10 concussions this season). However, the players motivate themselves, encourage each other and overcome many difficulties and barriers. We were winning against Montgomery CC (2nd ranked in NJCAA Division III nationally and a 13-2 record) with us being up 1-0 in the 23rd minute and tied 1-1 in the 40th minute. Although the 5-2 loss, we were very competitive with MCC and other teams but just could not pull off the big wins in the conference (2-5), MDJUCO and the NJCAA Region 20 (2-3).   We finished with an overall record of 5-10 which does truly reflect how well we played in these games with close scores and very good stats from each player. 

Some important highlights:

1.      Moved to Division I NJCAA Region 20 in December 2015 and out of 18 student-athletes that signed letter intents, 11 athletes stayed with our Women's Soccer program.

2.      We had two road trips. One to Wilmington, NC on August 27 and 28th and one to Cecil CC and Harcum College on September 16 and 17th.  Great team bonding and awesome memories.

3.      13 of 19 players had goals.  The team had a total of 37 goals which tied the record for Women's Soccer for most goals scored in a single season at Frederick Community College. Goal scorers for the team were Asia Owen (8), Victoria Doing (Tori) (7), Shannon Boice (6), Nicole Endara (5), Hannah Smith (3) & Rayven Dean, Kelsey Wright, MacKenzie Farran, Caylay Ruane, Alyssa Neher, Kaitlin Byrnes, Sammantha Marshall(Sammie) & Joud Hudhud with 1 goal each. Also, I must add that Hannah scored the winning goal at Hood scrimmage and Rayven Dean had 2 goals for us at the Gallaudet College Scrimmage. 

4.     Nineplayers contributed to the team with a total of 26 goal assists. Those players were Hannah Smith (7), Victoria Doing (5), Nicole Endara (4), Asia Owen (2), Shannon Boice (2), and Sofia Villacis & Kelsey Wright, and Sharnette Gonzalez had 1 assist each.

5.      Kayla Worrell and Emily Frank combined to save 106 shots against their opponents and with their communication on the field to their players they kept us in the game against some very competitive opponents especially Montgomery, Cape Fear, and Howard being the top twenty in the country.

6.      We had a strong back defense including Kaitlin Byrnes, Sofia Villacis, Cayley Ruane Kelsey Wright, Jade Hillard, MacKenzie Farran, and Alyssa Neher.  We also added defensive midfielders played mostly by the duo of Caitlyn Ray & Nicole Endara with Kelsey and Sammie adding relief.  Tori, Hannah & Sharnette were also brought back during moments of the game to aid in defense. Although all these ladies were not all goal scorers, they need to be recognized as the nucleus of the team especially when most percentage of the time the opponent attack was against you. They all generated the attack for our midfield and forwards.

7.    Midfielders and Forwards. Due to limited players available, many players had two roles as forwards and midfielders. Every player was capable to play different positions when asked.  Great to see Asia, Tori, Shannon, Sammie, Nicole, Cait,  & Hannah in action generating the attack, scoring goals and creating assists.  Relief was given to our starters throughout the game by Rayven Dean, Sharnette Gonzalez, & Joud Hudhud which added pressure to the opponents and create some good plays to generate some attack.  

8.      Finally, we need to mention the Stats that this team generated this season.  Overall we had 15 regular season games and Alumni and 2 scrimmage games, 37 goals (Tied FCC WSOC record), 26 assists, 229 Shots with 143 shots on goal and 106 saves.  In MDJUCO, Hannah Smith was 6th in assists with 3 goals and 7 assists and Victoria Doing 15th in assists with 7 goals and 5 assists.  Goal stats were also exceptional with Asia Owen, 13th with 8 goals, Victoria Doing, 16th with 7 goals, Shannon Boice, 18th with 6 goals and 2 assists and Nicole Endara, 20th with 5 goals and 4 assists.