NJCAA Academic Teams of the Year announced: FCC Volleyball and Women’s Soccer Score Big in the Classroom

NJCAA Academic Teams of the Year announced: FCC Volleyball and Women’s Soccer Score Big in the Classroom

Charlotte, NC – The NJCAA has announced the 2019-20 Academic Teams of the Year. Despite an academic year that was interrupted due to COVID-19, NJCAA student-athletes flourished in the classroom as 1,026 teams earned at least a 3.0 GPA or better.

 It was a record-setting year in the classroom as two Cougar teams earned the prestigious Academic Team Honors Award. This was the first time in school history that two teams achieved this feat.

For the second straight year under the leadership of Head Coach Patti Westenberg, the FCC Volleyball team earned NJCAA All-Academic Team honors. This award is given to programs that earned a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher. This year the volleyball team produced a stellar 3.42 GPA. Team Roster: http://www.fccathletics.com/sports/wvball/2019-20/roster

Congrats to Head Coach Joachim Walker and the women's soccer team for a sensational year in the classroom and on the pitch. The Cougars earned a cumulative GPA of 3.0 and were recognized by the NJCAA for this outstanding achievement. Team Roster: http://www.fccathletics.com/sports/wsoc/2019-20/roster

To see a full list of all programs who achieved a 3.0 GPA or higher, visit: https://d2o2figo6ddd0g.cloudfront.net/1/5/15uw6orvsh5y8l/2019-20_NJCAA_Academic_Teams_of_the_Year_-_updated.pdf

Quote from Dean of Students & Director of Athletics, Jerry Haynes

"Being a student-athlete in college takes quite a commitment. Twenty hours of practice each week, plus games and travel, and at least 12 hours in the classroom plus study time, is a full-time effort for most individuals. The most important mission we have is to serve the educational needs of students. After all the sporting events, practices, skill development, and top-level competition, the lasting impact on students occur in the classroom. I am forever impressed that someone in their first or second year of college can make such a commitment to their sport and still manage to achieve excellence in a demanding academic environment. After all the accolades on the field or court, it's the classroom performance that defines the student and prepares them for the next level. Despite the demands of being a student-athlete, these scholar-athletes set the bar high for others who will follow. They not only compete in their sports, but they compete in the classroom. Every student-athlete who follows in their footsteps should aspire to their level of achievement."