Q & A: Ally Pick - Women's Soccer

Q & A: Ally Pick - Women's Soccer

1. How are you interacting with your teammates?

I'm staying in touch with some of my teammates more than others through the use of social media, but we all make sure to check in once a month through the use of Zoom. That way we can all talk about workouts, school, and just catch up in general.

2. What are you doing to stay active for your workouts?

I have a small workout area in my basement that is really helpful for staying in shape. I run a lot on my treadmill or outside and do other weight workouts there. For soccer specifically, I will work on my foot skills and aim in my backyard. It's especially helpful that my coach will e-mail the team skill moves and workouts to keep us inspired and motivated.

3. What advice would you give your fellow teammates during this time?

First and foremost, make sure that you tend to your mental health. Working out is something that will not only keep you mentally healthy and active, but it will also keep you in shape for upcoming seasons (don't forget that the fall season is just around the corner!) Another piece of advice would be to stay on top of school work and, if you can, get ahead. It's easy to forget about assignments or fall behind when there is no physical presence to keep you doing your work, but, if you get it all done early, that's less stress and more time to relax or workout!

4. What are you most looking forward to when you get back out on the field?

Shooting on an actual goal. I miss being able to work on my power and just unleash everything on the ball. Also scrimmaging with teammates, that's one of my favorite things to do, other than playing games of course.

5. How has the adjustment gone to online classes?

Luckily, I have already been taking an online class this semester, making the transition a bit easier for me personally. But, as I said before, it's certainly not easy staying motivated. I've tried to make it a habit to check my email and blackboard first thing in the morning and setting an agenda for myself, that way I can stay on top of everything and be productive... even if I am doing homework in bed.

6. What gives you encouragement and motivation at this time?

I think just the thought of the upcoming season has kept me physically motivated. I want to improve myself not only for my personal game but also so that when the season starts again I am ready to go. For school, it takes a lot more motivation, but I keep myself on top of course work because I really hope to make the most of my time at FCC, especially in regards to my grades. So the pressure of my future and success is the encouragement to keep working hard.

7. Tell me something you have done at home that you never really had time to do before.

I just moved into the basement! I've been wanting to move down there for a while, it was my sister's old room and I liked the idea of having a little space of my own. During this time I've been able to move everything downstairs and clean out my closet for the move, which was definitely over-due. I also finished a book series I've been on for a while and have started a really tough book I've been trying to read for years.

8. What shows/movies are you watching?

A lot of Love Island. I've never been into reality TV, but something about the British accents and all the drama makes it so addictive. Also, Tiger King, that show is a whole roller coaster. I watched the movie Twilight today, a classic.